Novice Course 2020

Obstacle 1. Whirly Bird.

Obstacle group - TOUCH. The handler must present the obstacle to the pony to touch with his nose.

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Obstacle 2. Narrow Gap

Obstacle group - CONFIDENCE. The pony must walk confidently through the gap on his own, the handler to lead the pony from outside the obstacle.

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Obstacle 3. S - Bend

Obstacle group - MANOUVRE. The pony to negotiate his way through the s- bend without stepping out of or touching the poles.

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Obstacle 4. Bending.

Obstacle group - AROUND. The pony must weave his way around 5 cones directed by the handler, who must remain walking in a straight line.

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Obstacle 5. Arch.

Obstacle group - UNDER. The pony walk along side the handler and together pass under the arch.

Obstacle 6. Controll of paces.

Obstacle group - HANDLING SKILLS. The handler must lead the pony through a corridor marked by coloured discs. In the Red zone WALK, In the White zone , HALT 4 seconds, Blue zone, SLOW WALK away.

Obstacle 7. Tarpaulin.

Obstacle group - OVER. Pony and handler both to walk confidently over the tarpaulin.

Obstacle 8. Crazy Corner.

Obstacle group - TRUST. Pony and handler to walk calmly and confidently through the Crazy Corner.

Obstacle 9. Halt and Wait - Gate.

Obstacle group - COMMUNICATION. The pony must halt and wait at the gate, the handler to open the gate and invite the pony through and then close the gate.

Obstacle 10. Podium.

Obstacle group - Step Up. The pony must step onto the podium. FRONT feet only, show immobility and be asked to step gently back and reverse off.