Intermediate course

1.Whirly Bird.

Present and Touch.

2. Narrow Gap.

Horse only.

3. S-Bend

Horse/handler not to touch or step out of poles.

4. Flag

Handler to draw a figure of eight in the air.

5. Bending.

Horse must enter the weave through the off side shoulder.

6. Arch

Horse/ handler to halt mid- way under arch. Show immobility.

7. Control of paces.

Walk - Halt ( 4 seconds ) - Trot

8. Hitchin' Rail.

Halt at rail. Pick up horses front feet.

9. Tarpaulin.

Horse only.

10. Crazy Corner.

Trot through.

11. Gate.

4 seconds halt.

12. Podium.

Show immobility.