About Shetland Pony Agility

About Shetland Pony Agility

Relationship, relationship, relationship, it just can't be said enough times !!

Much can be said about Equitation science and how it effects our interactions with our equines.

Horse/Shetland agility is not a purveyor of a special technique or a particular training method. At it's essence it is the horse/human relationship that is being promoted and at a competitive level it is that, what is being scrutinised.

The relationships that we form in our lives are very personal, we all see things differently and we all understand and interpret things differently. It is for these reasons that Horse/Shetland agility cannot advocate it's self as being a training method.

The one thing that is at core of every good relationship is TRUST. The definition of trust being " the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something"