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WELCOME to Shetland Pony Agility.

Shetland Pony Agility is part of Horse Agility Challenge uk.
Big brother and little brother !
They both share the same rules and regulations and both share the same positive welfare standards.
Their only differences are - the obstacles for Shetland Pony Agility are smaller !

Horse Agility Challenge uk is free to everybody.
Register with the website and receive access to our members area where you will be able to download our agility handbook, also this is where you will find the latest training information and updates.
We look forward to seeing you there.

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Welcome !


Who can compete ?

Anyone can, EVERYONE can ! Shetland Pony Agility is for all ages and abilities.

An introduction.

What is Shetland Pony Agility? Well firstly it's a sport, much like dog agility, however it is much more than that, it's also a great way to have fun with your pony and to socialise with like minded friends.

About Shetland Pony Agility

Relationship, relationship, relationship, it just can't be said enough times !!

Important stuff !



All ponies and people participating in the sport of Shetland Pony Agility MUST have their own third party public liability insurance or have signed an appropriate indemnity form and agreement.

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Ponies must be 2yrs old and over to compete at Newcomers and Novice levels. Intermediate level, ponies must be 3yrs old and over. Advanced level, ponies must be 4yrs old and over.



It is the welfare of the pony that must take precedence above all else. Anyone participating in the sport of SHETLAND PONY AGILITY must undertake to uphold and respect and adhere too, the "CORE VALUES" of our sport at all times.



Juniors - 14yrs and under. Children must be 5yrs old and over to compete in competitions, up until the age of 7yrs they must also be accompanied by an adult .



No equipment is needed by the handler, Juniors must wear an appropriate hard hat, it is recommended that they also wear gloves and suitable footwear, NO whips or sticks are allowed.



No bridles are allowed to be used when competing in the sport of AGILITY. The only piece of equipment the pony needs is a comfortable well fitting headcollar and preferably a long rope.

How to start

What's next ?

What's next ?

Joining the world of Shetland Pony Agility can open up a whole new world of fun for you and your pony, but how do you start, where do you begin, here are some ideas for you. Firstly familiarise yourself with the rules of the club and importantly take a note of our core values.



Preparation and practice are the key elements to successful training. Your training can begin at home, you don't need to purchase any expensive equipment, make use of the stuff you have at home and around the yard. Incorporate your agility training into the everyday handling of your pony, remember that everything you do with your pony you are teaching him "something" from the time you catch him up, to the time you let go of him, try to make all his experiences, positive ones.

Getting together with friends.

Getting together with friends.

Get together with a few like minded friends, help and support each other, share agility equipment and have FUN. Why not start a small agility club yourself ? Its easy to do. First find a venue with ground conditions suitable for agility, work out training schedules and even run mini competitions. Shetland Pony Agility can supply you with the rosettes.

Clinics and Playdays.

Clinics and Playdays.

Attend Shetland Pony Agility approved clinics and playdays. These training days are a lot of fun and are structured to provide you with all the help you need to improve your performance. The results from the competitions that run along side them can be added to your league score.

Approved Shetland Pony Agility Trainer.

Approved Shetland Pony Agility Trainer.

Find an approved Shetland Pony Agility trainer. All our trainers are full insured to teach agility. They will help you with any problems relating to agility training. You can organise a playday with them at your own venue. They will supply all the equipment needed. ( please note we are currently recruiting new trainers, if this interests you please contact us using the contact form or ring Sally Young direct for a chat )

Find us on facebook.

Find us on facebook.

Join the Shetland Pony Agility GROUP on facebook. We have over 1,400 members. Here you will find all the latest news an views. Our PAGE Shetland Pony Agility Training will help you with lots of Hints and tips and the whys and wherefores of competing and training.

Shetland Pony Agility Handbook 2019

Shetland Pony Agility Handbook 2019

When you become a member of the Shetland Pony Agility club you will receive a copy of our handbook for 2019. This booklet will provide with all you need to know about the rules of agility, the obstacles and their requirements, and all the information about the different levels of agility and how you have can become part of our yearly awards scheme.

Training Hints and Tips

The 10 principles of Horse Agility training.

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Connection - why is it important ?

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Competing Competing Competing
So you've done some preparation and training and now you would like to have a go at competing, here's what you need to know.
The COMPETITION agility course, comprises of 10 obstacles, one from each of the 10 categories listed.
The competition is judged on you and your ponies ability to negotiate your way around the course, following a given criteria ,over, under and through the different obstacles, which remain the same throughout the different levels of agility. It is the standard of horsemanship skills which differs at the different levels. The course and the obstacles have been standardised for 2019. Different elements may be added at different times but the obstacles will remain the same. You are scored marks out of 10. The highest percentage of the marks are awarded for horsemanship, 6 out of the 10 marks. The main emphasise throughout Shetland Pony Agility is the horsemanship skills of the handler. How you present the pony to the obstacle, what you do and how you deal with things if they don't go according to plan. Your Leading position is marked at all times. Unless otherwise stated, your pony should remain along side you, on a relaxed rein, his nose level with your shoulder, not pulling or lagging behind. Agility is never about just "doing" an obstacle, it is about your relationship with your pony. Our aim is to help you achieve a high standard of horsemanship. The other 4 marks are for effectiveness, this is how you completed the obstacle according to the requirements of your class, for example, in the Newcomers and Novice levels, the requirements are kept simple, and may only include one halt and immobility at only one of the obstacles. This is to encourage you and your pony and allow you to progress through the different levels of agility. The last 10 marks are for "expression" The expression of a pony preforming agility should be one of curiosity and interest. Some of the obstacles may be scary but we don't want to be scaring him. Your trust based relationship will often be put to the test, your pony should look at the obstacle and then look to you and ask "is it ok?" Low marks are awarded for over expression to much excitability, or under expression a dull uninterested pony, therefore be careful not to over train your pony, keep your training sessions short, interesting and POSITIVE.

Trainers List

SPA founder

SALLY GOLDING. Based in Warwickshire. Covers - all areas.

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Rachel Hartopp

Rachel is based Nr Long Sutton, Lincolnshire. She is the founder of Berry Fields Animal Assisted Education and Consultancy.

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Bridget Adams-Shaw

Bridget is based on the Nottingham/Derby border, close to the outskirts of Derby City. She runs Helping Hooves C.I.C An non-ridden Equine based development centre, helping people with mental health issues.

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Kyle Hayes

Kyle is based in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. He is the coach at Aldertree Equine.

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Sophie Veron

Sophie is based on Guernsey. She is the owner and facilitator at Sophies Smile Ponies.

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Become a Spa Trainer

Become a Shetland Pony Agility Recognised Trainer !
At Shetland Pony Agility we are always happy to welcome new faces to join our list of recognised trainers.
We are looking for people who will enjoy the challenge of helping others to improve their handler/pony relationship.
You do not need any previous experience of Shetland Pony Agility, you just need to familiarise with the rules of competing and then keeping our ethos and standards in mind, you are free to teach as you will.
Your assessment is free and can be completed in your own time.
All we ask of you is that you agree to abide by our training ethos and that you will support and actively promote our positive welfare standards.
We will give you all the help and support you need including an entry on our website to promote your events and business.
Our shop can supply you with score sheets, rosettes and award certificates.
Please fill in and submit the form below.
We will then be in touch by phone for a informal chat to see how we can take things forward !
We look forward to hearing from you.
                                                                 Sally Golding - Shetland Pony Agility

SPA Application Form



Novice Course 2020

Obstacle 1. Whirly Bird.

Obstacle group - TOUCH. The handler must present the obstacle to the pony to touch with his nose.

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Obstacle 2. Narrow Gap

Obstacle group - CONFIDENCE. The pony must walk confidently through the gap on his own, the handler to lead the pony from outside the obstacle.

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Obstacle 3. S - Bend

Obstacle group - MANOUVRE. The pony to negotiate his way through the s- bend without stepping out of or touching the poles.

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Obstacle 4. Bending.

Obstacle group - AROUND. The pony must weave his way around 5 cones directed by the handler, who must remain walking in a straight line.

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Obstacle 5. Arch.

Obstacle group - UNDER. The pony walk along side the handler and together pass under the arch.

Obstacle 6. Controll of paces.

Obstacle group - HANDLING SKILLS. The handler must lead the pony through a corridor marked by coloured discs. In the Red zone WALK, In the White zone , HALT 4 seconds, Blue zone, SLOW WALK away.

Obstacle 7. Tarpaulin.

Obstacle group - OVER. Pony and handler both to walk confidently over the tarpaulin.

Obstacle 8. Crazy Corner.

Obstacle group - TRUST. Pony and handler to walk calmly and confidently through the Crazy Corner.

Obstacle 9. Halt and Wait - Gate.

Obstacle group - COMMUNICATION. The pony must halt and wait at the gate, the handler to open the gate and invite the pony through and then close the gate.

Obstacle 10. Podium.

Obstacle group - Step Up. The pony must step onto the podium. FRONT feet only, show immobility and be asked to step gently back and reverse off.

Intermediate course

1.Whirly Bird.

Present and Touch.

2. Narrow Gap.

Horse only.

3. S-Bend

Horse/handler not to touch or step out of poles.

4. Flag

Handler to draw a figure of eight in the air.

5. Bending.

Horse must enter the weave through the off side shoulder.

6. Arch

Horse/ handler to halt mid- way under arch. Show immobility.

7. Control of paces.

Walk - Halt ( 4 seconds ) - Trot

8. Hitchin' Rail.

Halt at rail. Pick up horses front feet.

9. Tarpaulin.

Horse only.

10. Crazy Corner.

Trot through.

11. Gate.

4 seconds halt.

12. Podium.

Show immobility.

Video Novice Course


Novice Course 2020 Requirements

Download Novice Course Requirements "020

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Junior Achievement Awards

Shetland Pony Agility Achievement Awards. Educational, fun and rewarding. Apply and enter today !

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AgilityAbility Entry

Non - Member

  • Silver - Gold.
  • Achievement Awards.

Bronze entry level

  • Bronze entry level.
  • Achievement Award.

Course and Notes

AgilityAbility Bronze level

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AgilityAbility Silver Level

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